Dave Downer - Guitar

Dave has been trying to learn guitar for the past 45 years, "It's a slow process but one day I hope to have it down!", he states. For the past 27 years he has been the main cog in the wheel for the Chicago based Rhythm Rockets, an old school Jazz, Rhythm & Blues band. Also during this time he was band leader/guitarist for 10 years with the Crown Vics, a 1950's Birth of Rock & Roll outfit complete with red plaid jackets and bowties. If that wasn't enough, old Dave decided to put together the Chicago Soul Company, a 9 piece band that modeled itself after the Stax Records vibe of the mid 1960's. Dave decided that there wasn't enough Red Bull and aspirin available to run two bands again...so the Soul band was shelved. That brings Dave to the First Church of What's Happening Now! The 95th Street Band has a play list reminiscent of Dave's teenage years, where the hair was long and the pants bottoms were bell. "There is a lot to learn here, so I best get crackin' at it!", he says with determination. Looking forward to being a part of this "wall of sound" on a stage near you!