Tim McCarthy - Drums, Percussion, and Vocals

Tim McCarthy is a professional, Chicago-based drummer and classically trained musician. Since age six, Tim has been playing drums and performing, composing, and recording music. Throughout the decades, he has dedicated himself to entertaining and inspiring others with music. Whether he has been filling the clubs, releasing original albums, or promoting his bands, McCarthy has stood out as a musicians' professional. Tim has many years of experience performing with rock, pop, jazz, classical, funk, punk and horn ensembles. His expertise allows him to tailor his musical style in ways that blend with and support seasoned players of all genres. As a drummer, McCarthy delivers snap with substance, keeping solid time while adding variance and intimately reflecting the beat of the ensemble. In addition, Tim McCarthy is an accomplished studio recording musician and producer whose range includes lead and back-up vocals, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, and keyboards. McCarthy's advanced education in music theory, composing and arranging makes him an ideal studio partner. Whether mixing original compositions, soundtracks, demos or artistic projects, McCarthy offers a focused, highly skilled approach to perfecting musical results. For more information visit www.sticksmc.com